Consulting is one of HR Matters (Pty) Ltd’s core competencies, used in the main to:

  • Assist Leadership and Management to develop Strategic, Operational (Execution) and Annual Performance Plans;
    • We follow varied models of strategy development facilitation depending on the nature of industry our client is in, for the RSA Public Sector, we use in the main the Framework for Managing Programme Performance – National Treasury;
    • For our Private Sector Clientele, we use any one of up to date models which could include Scenario Planning, Six Hats, Blue Ocean Strategy, Balance Score Card, and other Outside – In Strategy Planning approaches; in each case we would agree the precise framework with clients prior implementation;
  • Facilitate team cohesion and effectiveness in building Purposeful Teams;
  • Enhance decision making by following a structured facilitation process;

Depending on the matter at hand, sometimes we would use the less known “Dynamic Facilitation” approach which thrives on a somewhat chaotic, less structured and free flow blue skying effort, often times with amazing ‘out of the box thinking” results of a truly transformational nature.