COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused upheaval in the economic and social life of everyone across the globe in general and specifically in our Communities, Cities and Provinces.  Business continuity is essential for protecting our livelihoods and lives first and foremost.  As such Businesses and organizations frequented even by one person should follow some health protocols to ensure everyone’s protection.

To this end, HR Matters has repurposed some of its processes to give access to the following tools and products to interested Businesses:

1.    10 Tips to make your Business resilient to COVID-19 (Planning tool for SMEs)
2.    COVID-19 Visitor/Employee  Screening Protocol Template
3.    COVID-19 Daily Employee Screening Template
4.    International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) supports WHO in fight against COVID-19

1. Contactless Thermometers for Visitor and Employee Screening
2. Foot Operated Sanitizer Station Video

The ICC and WHO document above serves as valuable resource which references multiple guidance material for Businesses developing tools for the fight against COVID-19.